Auburn 851 Boat-tail Speedster by Peter Blackert


This beautiful classic car model, Auburn 851 Boat-tail Speedster from 30's was recently shared by LEGO MOC'er Peter Blackert a.k.a. lego911 who is well known for his many great car models. The shaping of the car is really impressve and accurate to the real version. A good news for LEGO Car fans is that this MOC is actually a rebrick model for 10271 Fiat 500 set and according to the description the creator stated that he plans to provide instructions on Rebrickable for this model. I'm personally not particularly a fan of this color and would rather like to see dark colors in classic car model like dark-green or dark-red yet the builder did such a amazing job with this model that it look beautiful independent of its color.

The real car sample with the same color used for the MOC. The accurary of the shaping is probably at highest level you can achieve with available LEGO pieces, yet better ithe MOC is built only using pieces from a single set which makes it a lot of easier for LEGO fans who wants to add this classic car in their collections.