Incredible Western Diorama by Metin Delikurt


After retirement of the Lone Ranger theme in 2014, It's a true that a big portion of the AFOL community wish for the return of the western theme from the 90's with a modern take. Meanwhile, talented LEGO MOC builder Metin Delikurt a.k.a. medel_brick shared this incredible western diorama in his instagram account. The diorama consist of many great buldings with full interiors as well as a pretty great terrain work. Each of the buildings are so detailed could be considered as a seperate MOC's themselves. My favourite details are windmill and water tower which I think gives the true feel of the era. There are also a lot of small scenes distributed around the diorama like the gold digging operation, native american camp, soldier squad and many more. With all the details, minifigures and tons of animals this diorama looks like a real living western town. Be sure to check out the builders instagram page for more detailed photos of the diorama and other beautiful creations.