Welcome to Rivendell by Jonas Kramm

This wonderfull small diorama showing a scene from the Lord of the Rings movie series, depicting Frodo and Gandalf in Rivendell was recently shared by talented LEGO MOC'er Jonar Kramm a.k.a. Legopard in his flickr.com photostream. Once again he proved us that making small MOC's do not limit the creativity that one MOC can include. According to the description this diorama is a continuation of small dioramas related to Lord of the Rings saga. Previous 13 MOC's can be found in the photostrem of Thorsten Bonsch a.k.a. Xenomurphy, who is a well known talented MOC'er and one of our previous Guests of Honor. The MOC itself contains lots of small details and great use of parts. I especially like the golden decorations and the candleholder design.