Alliances in Nehellium Galaxy Episode 10: End of the Rebellion

 Previously: Episode 9: Test Run

Some time after the test-start of the first intergalactic gate, Commander Eegon is staring at beautiful green lanscape from his room In the M-Throne Security Center on Kiironohoshi, the capitol planet of Yellow Sun Empire.

Old commander talks to himself quietly

Commander Eegon: What a beautiful planet is this. Maybe I can settle here after I retire. Maybe the Emperor will reward me with some land if I'm successful in my mission.


As a soldier comes into the room, the commander turns back.


Commander Eegon: Yes?

Soldier: Good morning, sir. Adjutant Yoshi is here.

Commander Eegon: Good, let him in.

The soldier left. Shortly after Adjutant Yoshi comes in and the two shake hands.


Adjutant Yoshi: Good morning, Commander

Commander Eegon: Good morning, Adjutant. Is everything going as planned?

Adjutant Yoshi: Yes, the Emperor's treacherous son will be meeting us as planned.

Commander Eegon: Good. Let's take the Emperor with us so he can face his son at last.

Adjutant Yoshi: If everything goes as planned, the meeting will be a surprising one.

Commander Eegon: It will indeed.


Commander Eegon: We have no time to lose, Let's deal with this situation swiftly and finish it once and for all.

Commander Eegon and Adjutant Yoshi leave the building. Together, with Emperor Yamatomaro, they travel to the cavern to meet the Emperors treacherous son, Yumato.


Yumato is handcuffed and guarded by three M-throne soldiers, who have their guns pointing at him, while a M-Throne Army Doctor examines him.


Commander Eegon:What is his medical condition, doctor?

Army Doctor: He is in perfect health, commander.

Commander Eegon: Excellent. Stand by until further instruction, we may need some more of your services here.

Army Doctor: Yes, sir!

Emperor Yamatomaro cautiously approached his son. He keeps some distance as he knows Yumato is skilled at close-combat.


Emperor Yamatomaro: So, here you are... I wish we didn't have to meet like this.

Yumato: Hello, father... I wish we weren't meeting at all! As I told you five years ago, I never wanted to see your face again. However, it seems destiny has brought us together once more.


Emperor Yamatomaro: Destinity has nothing to do with it, Yumato. You are a traitor to me, your father, and you are a traitor to your nation. The Empire's allies capturing you are merely consequences to your actions.

Yumato: Well then tell me, father... If I've betrayed the Empire, as you have said, why have they refused to captured me? I wasn't caught by our people, but by your allies! In fact, why have our people risked their lives to protected me from you? T

Emperor Yamatomaro: Are you that naive? Do you and your terrorist friends really think that your rebellion could accomplish anything?

Yumato grins and turns his face to Commander Eegon.


Yumato: Commander Eegon, Did you know that my father staged multiple terrorist attacks all around our country to set me up? Many of our people died in those attacks!

Commander Eegon remains silent.

Emperor Yamatomaro: Why you continue lying Yumato?!?! You were honest once, when you were young. What happened to you? No matter.. You are captured and your rebellion is finished. Our allies won't believe your lies, no matter what you say!


Yumato: The only lier here is you! We have footage from security cameras around the entire country showing your agents setting up the bombs in the supposed terrorist attacks. When I go on trial, I will release all this information so our people will know who you really are!

Emperor Yamatomaro: Lies, lies, and more lies. Your trial will be held right here right now! You won't have to chance to corrupt more people with your sick lies and falsehoods.

Yumato: Oh father, that shows just how weak you are. Free me from these handcuffs and I will show you who is the stronger warrior is, I will show you who the rightful leader is.


Emperor Yamatomaro: Don't flatter yourself. You have two choices: Agree to bow before me and ask for forgives on national tv. Publicly renounce your claim to the thrown, all royal privileges, and proclaim your brother as the rightful inheritor. Do this, and I will let you live. If you don't agree...

Yumato: What? You'll kill me? You couldn't risk another rebellion!


Emperor Yamatomaro: Yoshi, come here.

Yumato: You can't even kill me yourself, can you?

Adjutant Yoshi comes closer, with a tight grasp around his sword.


Emperor Yamatomaro: Well, what is your decision? Beg for mercy and meet my conditions; or face the alternative?

Yumato: When you turn you back to your people, when your dignity fades away, you are no longer our rightful leader in my eyes. I won't beg for anything@

After hearing the insulting words, Emperor Yamatomaro gets furious.


Emperor Yamatomaro: Yoshi, execute this traitor.

Adjutant Yoshi hesitates for a moment. He looks to Commander Eegon as if he were seeking a confirmation of some kind.


Commander Eegon: Proceed as you were told.

Emperor Yamatomaro shouts loud and furiously.

Emperor Yamatomaro: Yoshi, What are you waiting for?!?! KILL HIM NOW!

Adjutant Yoshi closes the distance between Yumoto with slow steps.


Yumato: I think you miscalculated something, Father.

In the blink of an eye, Adjutant Yoshi turns toward the Emperor and plunges the sword into his body.


Emperor Yamatomaro: Wahh aaaahh

While his soul slowly exits his body, the emperor speaks his last words...


Emperor Yamatomaro: Yoshi... whwhwhy? What.. have I done... to deserve this?

Adjutant Yoshi: You know what you have done, Yamatomaro, you know the truth. Don't resist your fate, let your spirit go free from your body.


Commander Eegon: Yamatomaro, Did you really think we wouldn't be able to detect what you put into the sword that you gave us as a gift?


Blood trickles from the emperor's collapsed body onto the cold stone of the cavern floor

Commander Eegon: Doctor, please check Yamatomaro to make sure he is fully dead. Then, take the body out of here.

Doctor: Yes, sir.

Commander Eegon: Soldiers, lower your weapons.


Yumato: Thank you, Commander. You saved my life and those of my people from an evil man. However, I can't help but to wonder; Why did you betray him?

Commander Eegon: We didn't betray him, He betrayed himself. He gave us a gift specifically for our Emperor and had the audacity to put a tracking device in it. He clearly does not trust us for the long term. This kind of an act can not go unpunished. Once we realized what he had done, we contacted you. After you proved yourself innocent with the security footage, You told us he would not stop until he was dead, so that is what we had to do.

Yumato: I see.. He did deserved to die, he needed to die. He was once a good leader and honorable man. After my mom's death, he became delusional and paranoid. He was always looking over his soldier ad eventually accused me of trying to overthrow him. He sent me to prison along with Imprisoning and torturing countless others who opposed his actions or wanted freedom. People who were truly loyal to the Empire helped me escape and since then I have been in hiding, organizing protests from the shadows and waiting for the day my father dies. So here we are.. My father is dead and I am not sure what will happen next.

The doctors and soldiers left the cavern with the the corpse of the emperor.


Commander Eegon:Well, for starters, I want you to send a message to all your rebel-cells disbanding them. In that message you will claim that you were able to kill your father and your people can be at peace now.

Yumato: Surely I can disband my cells, but why should I claim the death of my father?


Commander Eegon: Because if your people knew that M-throne forces were responsible for the death of your father, there could be great backlash that could damage the alliance we have worked so hard to form. Even though your father was an evil leader himself, there are many in your empire that are unaware and might even adore him. We are visitors from another galaxy, and the last thing we would want is more reason for your people to fear us.

Yumato: I understand.


Commander Eegon: You can use this comm to send your message.

Yumato takes the comm device from the soldier, turns it on, and begins to speak


Yumato: I am Yumato, son of Emperor Yamatomaro. This is my message to all my followers. I have killed my father who responsible for the terrorist attacks was the cause of many of our other plights. With his death, I declare the end of our rebellion and the beginning of a brighter future. End of transmission.

Commander Eegon: Thank you for your cooperation, Yumato. I think Yellow Sun's people will enter a fresh golden age without the Emperor Yamatomaro... and without you.


Yumato: Wait, What do you mean without me?!?

Commander Eegon: Soldier, activate the device.

The soldier pushed the button of a detonator that triggered a small bomb installed in the comm-device, causing a small explosion that blew Yumato's hand and head off, killing him instantly.


Yumato's head separated from his body while his blood stained the floor of the cavern.

Commander Eegon: You have also proven to be untrustworthy, Yumato. This is your punishment for betraying your own father, no one should betray their own father, even if he is the most evil person in the universe.


Commander Eegon picks up Yumato's detached head from the ground.


Commander Eegon: I'll take this with me. Soldiers, burn the body.

Later, in the Imperial palace of the Yellow Sun Capitol. Adjutant Yoshi is briefing the Prince Asoto about the incident. As the prince listens to Yoshi he is filled with both sadness and anger.


Adjutant Yoshi:...and we have no idea how your brother got himself loose from the handcuff. Just when your father got close to him he grab a knife from nearby and stabed to the Emperor.

Prince Asoto: My brother was always very talented in abilities like that. My father should have been more careful, my brother was a criminal after all. And how, how did my brother die?

Asoto walks around the table as he talks, trying to mask the sadness on his face from Yoshi while holding back tears.


Adjutant Yoshi:Your highness, There is no shame in being sad, it was your father and brother afterall.

Prince Asoto: Its ok, Yoshi, I can handle this. Could you please tell me how my brother died.

Adjutant Yoshi: After he killed the Emperor, He sent out a comm message declared himself victorious against your father and disbanding all the rebel-cells. When M-throne forces tried to capture him, he said he would rather die than be locked away in a remote prison-planet. He attempted to take everyone out by push activating a bomb hidden in his hand, but he only took his own life.

Prince Asoto: That is a shame.. Was anyone able to recover remains for proper burial?

Adjutant Yoshi: Unfortunately not, his remains were completely burned in the explosion, your highness.


Prince Asoto:I see... Both my father and my brother were fine warriors. They are gone now. What will happen next?

He bows before Asoto.

Adjutant Yoshi: Your time has began, Emperor Asoto, son of Yamatomaro. With the rebellion over and our allies, the M-throne Empire, we can usher in our nation's golden age. Once you marry Princess Celia, our bonds with them will be even stronger and you will be the greatest emperor our Empire has ever seen!

Prince Asoto:You're right. I think I will be the best ruler for our nation. How is my fiancee by the way? has she heard the news?

Adjutant Yoshi:She is very sad about today's incident and sends her condolences to you. She hopes that, in light of the tragedy, the wedding won't be postponed. I have to agree with her, some good news is what our people need right now.

Prince Asoto: Agreed. Continue with the wedding preparations as planned, but the common people won't be invited. We don't need any public mourning of my father or brother to ruin such a joyous day.

'Adjutant Yoshi: Understood, my Emperor. I also recommend that your official coronation take place as soon as possible.

Prince Asoto: Yes, that would be wise. Please take care of the formalities, Yoshi.

Adjutant Yoshi: As you wish, your highness.

Adjutant Yoshi leaves the room. Prince Asoto ponders to himself."


Prince Asoto: Emperor Asoto. It has a nice ring to it, I guess there is a silver lining in all of this.

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