Alliances in Nehellium Galaxy Episode 2: Treaty with the Empire of the Yellow Sun (Part II)

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On planet Kiironohoshi, in the imperial palace of the Yellow Sun Empire Emperor Yamatomaro, Adjutant Yoshi, Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg and Commander Eegon sit around a table discussing about the terms of the alliance.


Adjutant Yoshi: Lord Fredrich. The warp gates will be finished in time as settled. Next topic is our security concerns.

Emperor Yomatomaro: You already know about our problem with the rebellion lead by my treacherous son.

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: Your highness, The M-Throne Empire guarantees your capitol planets and colonies safety against any rebels and terrorist attacks.

Emperor Yomatomaro: I appreciate your guarantee but could you specify your precautions against our enemies.

Commander Eegon: Your highness, We will send an imperial fleet to every planet once the warp gates are finished. Additionally we want to establish a security center where we can organize and manage operations against the rebels.

Emperor Yomatomaro: What kind of operations are you talking about?

Commander Eegon: We have intel about the rebel hideouts, safe-houses. We need do conduct operations with special forces to destroy the threats against you and your Empire.

Emperor Yomatomaro: It is an acceptable idea but I would like to assign operatives of my country in your security center.

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: Your highness. Even though the security center will be located in your planet it will still operates under the M-Throne imperial rules therefor it is unfortunatelly not possible to host any non-imperial officer even if they are from our allies. Our treaty and safety guarantee offering is only possible under this conditions. Commander Eagon will personally head of operations and he will personally inform you about important issues.

Emperor Yomatomaro: I have to agree your conditions.


Adjutant Yoshi: Lord Frieder. If you don't have any other conditions we can sign the treaty.

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: Actually the Emperor has also few small conditions. The Emperor offer help in form of resources and technology for improving your military capabilities in exchange for establishing an army base in each of your colony planets. These bases will work also as training camps for your forces.

Emperor Yomatomaro: That is acceptable. What else?


Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: Your highness, I know that you and your people are mainly religious and we respect your belief system but the imperial law grant total religious freedom to citizens under the Imperial rule or under the rule of the empires allied states. Therefor no citizen should be forced to perform any kind of regions activity.

Emperor Yomatomaro: That's fair.

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: Additionally by the signing of the treaty the Yellow Sun will promise not to build any additional facilities related to religion in systems that will be acquired in future and will not try to expand the belief system of the Yellow Sun.

Emperor Yomatomaro: What if they want to convert to our religion freely.

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: Individuals are free to choose their belief system but building temples and religious facilities by the government is forbidden in the systems that will be acquired in future.

Emperor Yomatomaro: It looks like, I have no other choice to agree that too.


Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: Thank you, your highness. I am sure the alliance between our two Empires will be beneficial for the greater good.


Emperor Yomatomaro: I would like to see my son captured alive if possible.

Commander Eegon: Imperial forces will surely capture him alive if possible. We hope to convince him to the importance and the blessing of the greater good.

Emperor Yomatomaro: Thank you commander.

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: In the name of the Emperor of the M-Throne Empire, the ruler of galaxies and the father of the minifig-kind I sign this alliance treaty for the benefit of the greater good.


Emperor Yomatomaro: I hope this treaty will be beneficial for both states. This armor was my fathers. His name was Yamatomizu. He always said the power comes from unity. I belive you will make us a great favor uniting our nation by eliminating the rebels.

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: We hope so your highness. Unity is one of the important elements of the greater good.


Emperor Yomatomaro: Golden Katanas are wielded by the Samuray Guardians for centuries who are the protectors of the Imperial Reign in Kiironohoshi.


Emperor Yomatomaro: I would like to give this golden katana to your Emperor as he becomes also the protector of the Yellow Sun Empire by signing the treaty.

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: On behalf of the Emperor, thank you for your present your highness.

In the meantime, Prince and Princess are talking how cultural relations between Empires can be improved


Princess Celia: You have a very rich culture in Kiironohoshi Prince Asato.

Prince Asato: Please call me Asato. I would like to give you a tour around and show you beautiful places full of cultural and natural richness.

Princess Celia: I would love to see them Asato. That's why I am here after all.

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