Alliances in Nehellium Galaxy Episode 4: Planet of Molten Metal

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After visiting the Emperor, Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg is on route to visit the planet Edelheim, an M-Throne Empires' military and industrial location, to inspect the preparations. He brought Lord Warcan with him for his new assignment after his last victory when he survived near-fatal injuries.


Pilot: We are in orbit of Edelheim, my Lord.

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: Good.

Lord Warcan: (Speaking with a mechanical voice because of the cybernetics) Why did you bring me to this hell-like planet my Lord?

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: The Emperor has given you a new assignment Lord Warcan.

Ship entered the atmosphere. It looks like the planet is covered with lava.


Lord Warcan: Where are we headed exacty?

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: You will see one of the largest armour-factory of the galaxy here.

Lord Warcan: Why is it located here?

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: Lava that covers the planet surface consist only molten metals which can directly be used for casting metal parts without any need of additional processing. This makes Edelheim a unique location for armour production.

Lord Warcan: It sounds interesting. Why are we landing the ship instead of beaming down directly from orbit?

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: The magnetic field on this planet is very strong because of the floating metal and it is blocking any types teleportation method. This rare phenomenon makes this place even securer as a military base.

Ship approaches to a hangar door."


Pilot: This is Falcon 1 speaking. Asking for permission for landing at hangar 14. We are sending the security code now.

Base Operator: This is base control speaking. Falcon 1, Your security code is valid. You can proceed landing.

Ship prepares for landing.


Hanger door opens and the ship enters the system


The ship has landed. Lords are stepping out from the ship. General Kaufmann was waiting for the Lord's arrival.


General Kaufman: Welcome to Edelheim, my Lords.


Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: It's good to see you old friend.


Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: Let me introduce you to Lord Warcan. He was the lord of planet Tufar and after the last events he is assigned to a new mission by the Emperor.


General Kaufman: Lord Warcan, I heard about your tragedy and heroism in Tufar. It is an honor to meet you in person.

Lord Warcan: I have done what I must for the greater good. It's nice to meet you as well.

General Kaufman: Very well. The preparations are nearly completed. We are ready for inspection.


Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg:: How much of the force is ready to transport? Tell me in numbers?

General Kaufman: 1.3M Invicta tanks, 100k Gauss tanks, 300k Kratos tanks are ready my Lord?


Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg:: What about the light tanks?

General Kaufman: Ah yes. 200k Parvus and 200k Rhombus tanks are ready for fight.


Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg:: Are you exited to see your army Lord Warcan?

Lord Warcan: The army belongs to the Emperor with the sole purpose to serve the greater good. I only hope to continue to be a good servant for the Emperor and the greater good.

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