Alliances in Nehellium Galaxy Episode 5: Lord of the Tanks

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Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg and Lord Warcan arrived to Edelheim where Lord Warcan will receive his new assignment. After a short meeting with General Kaufmann they are going to the main hanger in the M-throne Empires' base where the forces gathered for inspection.


Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: You have done a very good job, general. Emperor is pleased about your production progress.

General Kaufman: I'm more than happy to hear that the Emperor is pleased.


Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: So this is it. The largest tank force the galaxy ever seen.

General Kaufman: They're ready for their task my Lord.


Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: Lord Warcan, as you know Emperor assigned you as the commander of this force. What you don't know is that you won't command this force in Tharcan galaxy. You will be heading to Nehellium Galaxy for expanding the greater good.

Lord Warcan: I'm honored to be given this assignment my lord. Greater good will prevail.


Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: This tank force has been created with the highest technology possible. With your leadership I have no doubt that they will succeed every mission they got.

Lord Warcan: War machines are important for the cause. More important are the men that control those machines.


General Kaufman: The most loyal and best professionals from all around the galaxy are recruited to control the tanks my Lord.



Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: Their commitment to the greater good will make their will even stronger.


Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: Greater good is more important than all of us. Lord Warcan. You were the Lord of Tufar. You become the Lord of Tanks now.

Lord Warcan: I appreciate the title but the titles are not important. My only wish is to serve the greater good as good as possible.


Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: Soon enough, inhabitants of Nehellium will see the power of the Empire. Supporters of the greater good will prosper and the defiant souls will be redeemed.

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