Alliances in Nehellium Galaxy Episode 6: Permission from the Empire

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Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg and Lord Sigmund Weisswelt were discussing about the latest issues in Nehellium in the main ceremony hall inside the Empire's embassy building on the M-Throne colony planet Ferstab. A servant entered the room.


The servant bowed.


Servant: My lords. You have a visual call from Emperor Yamatomaro from Kiironohoshi.

Lord Sigmund Weisswelt: Let's hear what he has to say.

Servant: Send the comm droid.

Shortly after a comm. droid entered the room.


After a short sound of electronic buzzing the live image of Emperor Yamatomaro appeared on the screen.


Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: Gretings Emperor.

Emperor Yamatomaro: Greetings Lords of the Empire. I have something important to consult.

Lord Sigmund Weisswelt: I sense no negative feelings in you Emperor. I assume there is no problem concerning our plans. How can we help you?

Emperor Yamatomaro: Yes you are right. Everything goes as planed. Today we receive a transmission from Venice requesting to sign a trade agreement with us. Although it would be beneficial for my country. I don't want to accept it straight-away and want to ask the Empire's opinion about the issue.

Lord Sigmund Weisswelt: You did the right thing Emperor. As you know our stance against the majority of the factions in Nehellium galaxy is neutral. This stance is also applicable for Venice. As much as we know they haven't done anything against the greater good. Within this scoop, as I am the Emperor's chief negotiator, I will allow you to conduct friendly relations with Venice. You may proceed with the negotiations about the trade agreement.

Emperor Yamatomaro: We will proceed.

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: You know the Empire's terms of our alliance, Emperor Yamatomaro. Please don't forget. No one wants to disappoint The Emperor. He loves and protects us all.

Emperor Yamatomaro: Please send my sincerest greetings to the Emperor.

Lord Sigmund Weisswelt: Goodbye Emperor.


Lord Sigmund Weisswelt: Friedrich, as you can see the number our political connections in Nehellium is rapidly increasing.

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: You are right my lord. I also want to inform you that a message from Imperial Magikstrate was delivered. They said that they would be very happy to collaborate for the greater good in this galaxy. They want to arrange a meeting to improve our relations. They even agree to build warp gates in their territory.

Lord Sigmund Weisswelt: That is good news Friedrich. IM is one of the most honorable factions in this galaxy. We have to think who to send for the meeting.

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: Someone who is familiar with their culture and traditions would be suitable. Maybe a mage.

Lord Sigmund Weisswelt: Yes you are right. Lets discuss about it later. Now we have to inform Commander Eegon about our call with the Yamatomaro.

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: Droid. Make call to Commander Eegon from Kiironohoshi.

After a short sound of electronic buzzing the live image of Commander Eegon appeared on the screen


Commander Eegon: Greetings my Lords. What are your orders.

Lord Sigmund Weisswelt: Greetings Commander. We have allowed the Emperor Yamatomaro to conduct friendly relations with Venice. They want to sign a trade agreement with them. We want you to be in the press statement and show the Nehellium that Yellow Sun is an ally and partner of the M-Throne Empire. Also keep your eye on them.

Commander Eegon: Understood. My lord. Is there something else?

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: How is the construction going commander?

Commander Eegon: With the Emperor's will and love, the construction goes as planned my lord. It will be finished soon.

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: Good. Take care commander.

Commander Eegon: Thank you sir.

Next day at the press statement commander Eegon stood next to Prince Asato


Prince Asato: I salute all inhabitants of the Nehellium galaxy. As the Empire of the Yellow Sun we want to inform you that we are ready to conduct friendly relations and sign a trade agreement with Venice. In addition we are willing to expand our trade and cultural network with other factions as well. Factions which acts according to the greater good are welcome.

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