Alliances in Nehellium Galaxy Episode 8: New Year Reception (Part II)

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While the guests are enjoying the drinks and food served in the main hall Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg and Commander Altar are waiting for some important guests at the entrance section of the embassy building so called the Red Hall.

Newyearreception arrival (1).jpg

Commander Altar: I could wait for the guests myself my Lord you could continue enjoy the reception.

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: I know you could do it yourself Altar but Lord Weisswelt wants me to welcome them.

Commander Altar: It has been my job since many years until now. What is the different now?

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: Our guests are very important commander.

Commander Altar: What exactly is the importance of these guests?

Newyearreception arrival (2).jpg

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: According the the Emperor, these guests are from factions which are the key to establish the greater good in Nehellium Galaxy. Besides I have visited these factions myself short time ago to introduce our Empire and the greater good. As I am the first contact person, it would be better if I welcome them myself.

Commander Altar: I see.

Prezydent Sadow, the leader of Zjednoczona Rzeczpospolita Polska (Unified Republik of Poland) arrived at Ferstab.

Newyearreception arrival (13).jpg

Prezydent Sadow enteres the embassy building with a warm smile on her face.

Newyearreception arrival (14).jpg

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: It looks like our first special guest is Prezydent Sadow.

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg and Commander Altar bows politely to greet the Prezydent.

Newyearreception arrival (25).jpg

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: In the name of the M-Throne Empire, welcome to Ferstab, Prezydent Sadow.

Prezydent Sadow: Thank you for the warm welcome Lord Gutenbug. It is nice to be here.

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: I'm afraid, we have to ask your bodyguard to wait outside, Prezydent Sadow because no weapons and guards

are allowed in the reception. Imperial Elite Guards under the command of Commander Alter will assure the safety of our guest.

Prezydent Sadow: Sure. No problem.

Prezydent Sadow turns to his bodyguards, Bolek and Lolek.

Newyearreception arrival (26).jpg

Prezydent Sadow: You can wait me outside.

Commander Altar I and my comrades are at your service. Prezydent Sadow.

Prezydent Sadow: Thank you commander. I have full trust in the your Empire.

Lord Gutenburg and Commander Alter move aside to open the walkway.

Newyearreception arrival (27).jpg

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: This way. Prezydent. I will be joining you soon.

Ibeus Pendragon, the Leader of Imperial Magikstrate arrived at Ferstab.

Newyearreception arrival (3).jpg

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: Here comes Ibeus Pendragon, the Leader of Imperial Magikstrate.

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg and Commander Altar bows politely.

Newyearreception arrival (4).jpg

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: In the name of the M-Throne Empire, welcome to Ferstab, Iberus Pendragon.

Ibeus Pendragon: Thank you Lord Gutenburg, it is nice to be invited.

Newyearreception arrival (5).jpg

Ibeus Pendragon: It is nice to see you again.

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: Thank you my lord. Its my honor to hear that from you.

Newyearreception arrival (6).jpg

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: I want you to introduce you Commander Altar. He is in charge of the security in this reception.

Ibeus Pendragon: It is nice to meet you, commander.

Commander Altar It is an honor my lord.

Newyearreception arrival (7).jpg

Commander Altar: I have to ask you to leave your staff here because weapons and equipment alike are allowed in the reception.

Ibeus Pendragon: My staff is no weapon commander. Can I ask why I should leave it?

Commander Altar: With all my respect. I do not know what your staff actually is and I fully trust your word about it but rules are obsolete and my orders are precise. No guests are exceptional.

Ibeus Pendragon: As I am here, I fully trust the Empire as well. No problem for me to hand over it to the security.

Newyearreception arrival (8).jpg

Commander Altar: Elite Knights and Elite Guards of the Empire that here to protect the guests under my command. I ensure your security here with my life.

Newyearreception arrival (9).jpg

Ibeus Pendragon: Honestly I can ensure my security myself but thank you for your insurance.

Commander Altar: It's my pleasure. Your staff will be safe with us.

Ibeus hands his staff over to a Elite Guard.

Newyearreception arrival (10).jpg

Ibeus Pendragon: Here you go.

Ibeus Pendragon: So. If I understand correctly if no weapons allowed here, no bodyguards are allowed too.

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: Yes my lord.

Newyearreception arrival (11).jpg

Ibeus Pendragon: You can wait me on the ship.

Royal Guard: As you wish my lord.

Lord Gutenburg showed the way to the main hall while Commander Altar bowed politely.

Newyearreception arrival (12).jpg

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: My lord. Lord Weisswelt is waiting for you. I will be joining you soon.

Ibeus Pendragon: See you inside Lord Gutenburg.

Prezydent Sadow enters the main event hall. Lord Weisswelt bows politely welcoming the Prezydent.

Negotiations (1).jpg

Lord Weisswelt: Welcome to Ferstab, Prezydent Sadow. We are honored to see you here.

Prezydent Sadow: Thank you, Lord Weisswelt. It's nice to be invited for this special reception.

Lord Weisswelt: I would like to introduce you to some of our guest.

Prezydent Sadow: Very well.

Negotiations (2).jpg

Lord Weisswelt: Greetings. I want to introduce you Prezydent Sadow, the leader of Zjednoczona Rzeczpospolita Polska.

Claudia Luftstadt, Emperor Yomatomaro and Lord Timus Stalos salute the Prezyden with a gesture. Lord Weisswelt start to introduce the guest on the table

Lord Weisswelt: Emperor Yomatomaro is the leader of Yellow Sun Empire, Miss Claudia Luftstadt is the head of the Third Eye, the intelligence organization of the Empire and Lord Timus Stalos, the leader of the Steal Stallions.

Timus Stalos stands up and bows politely before Prezydent Sadow.

Negotiations (3).jpg

Timus Stalos: It's an honor to meet you, Preydent. If you excuse me I have to leave quickly.

Lord Weisswelt: Of course Stalos, Take care.

Prezydent Sadow: Nice to meet you too.

Timus Stalos turns to Yamatomaro.

Negotiations (4).jpg

Timus Stalos: Emperor, We will proceed as planned. Don't forget our delivery.

Emperor Yamatomaro: Don't worry. It will be ready on time.

Timus Stalos leaves the reception. Prezydent Sadow takes a seat

Negotiations (5).jpg

Servant: Would you like some wine, my lady?

Prezydent Sadow: Yes, please.

The servant takes the empty water bottle thats left by Timus Stalos and left.

Negotiations (6).jpg

Claudia Luftstadt: I heard lot about you President Sadow. It is an honor to meet a powerful woman like you in person.

Prezydent Sadow: The pleasure is all mine.

Claudia Luftstadt: I heard that your country is fighting a though war against commies and nutzees? We would like to share intel with you if you are interested.

Negotiations (7).jpg

Prezydent Sadow: Hmm yeah, every piece of information would help us immensely in our efforts against the Soviets and Nutzees. Something you'd like to have in exchange?

Claudia Luftstadt: The Emperor invited you here. That means he think you are on the path of greater good. We are more than happy to aid countries who are in line with the greater good.

Prezydent Sadow: I recall some talks about an alliance between the IM, the M-Throne Empire and us in the past. Is said proposal still up to debate?

Prezydent Sadow drinks from the cup and it looks like she like the taste very much.

Negotiations (8).jpg

Claudia Luftstadt: Iberus, the leader of IM is here too. They are also a honorable faction fighting for the greater good as you are. A triple alliance could increase our power synergicly against the evil.

Prezydent Sadow: Splendid! when he joins us we shall elaborate on that matter, as well.

Negotiations (9).jpg

Claudia Luftstadt: I believe our allies will be also helping us for this honorable cause as well.

Emperor Yamatomaro: We will be there, when and where our forces are needed. One word of the Emperor suffices.

Prezydent Sadow: Your loyalty to the Emperor looks quite deep, Emperor Yamatomaro.

Emperor Yamatomaro: The Emperor and the Empire helped us when we need it the most. It's a matter of honor to return the favor.

Prezydent Sadow: It is good to have strong friend like the M-Throne Empire.

Negotiations (10).jpg

Claudia Luftstadt: My suggestion will be to elaborate on the matter of the triple alliance in a special meeting after the reception, if you have time. Lord Weisswelt would attend the meeting in the name of the Empire as the chief negotiator in Nehellium.

Prezydent Sadow: Sure thing. Nice to meet you. Have a nice evening.

Prezydent Sadow stands up to leave the table. Yamatomaro and Luftstadt politely stands up to see her off.

Negotiations (11).jpg

Emperor Yamatomaro makes a polite head gesture

Claudia Luftstadt: You too. Madam president.

Negotiations (12).jpg

Princess Ceila: Welcome to the reception presydent Sadow.

Prezydent Sadow: Oh, hi. Thank you.

Princess Ceila: Would you like to join our table?

Prezydent Sadow: Yes, I would like to.

Princess Ceila introduces the guest around the table to Sadow. The men bows politely

Negotiations (13).jpg

Princess Ceila: Lord Joan Brennos, the leader of White Eagles, a state in White Sector of Tharcan Galaxy and my fiancee, Prince Asato from Yellow Sun Empire. And I'm Princess Celia, granddoughter of the Emperor.

Prezydent Sadow: I's honor to meet you. I'm Prezydent Małgorzata Sadow.

Negotiations (14).jpg

Princess Ceila: Oh. We know very well you you are Prezydent and I heard much about you. You are my role-model as a politican.

Prezydent Sadow: It's kind of surprising to hear foreigners admiring me, yet alone from another galaxy.

Princess Ceila: Actually I'm living and working on the Yellow Sun Empire for a while now and have been studying about the politics in Nehellium since a while back when I was chosen to be the cultural ambassador of the Empire.

Negotiations (15).jpg

Lord Joan Brennos: Its an honor to meet you princess. ehm Prezydent... Apologies. It is uncommon for my culture to see a woman in chair. It's good to see the leader of Confederation of Poland as a friend of the Empire.

Prezydent Sadow: Nice to meet you gentlemen. Actually the Confederation merged with the Krakow Union to form the "Unified Republik of Poland".

Lord Joan Brennos: Félicitations! So you have conquered the Krakow Union.

Prezydent Sadow: It wasn't much of a conquest, thankfully. The inhabitats of the Union were Poles afterall and wasting our manpower on a civil war would have given the Soviets a huge advantage.

Negotiations (16).jpg

Prince Asoto: It sounds like a peaceful unification.

Negotiations (18).jpg

Lord Joan Brennos: I understand. You plan to use them as manpower and they count on you to protect them. Fear of soviets in them makes them to surrender to you.

Princess Ceila: Lord Brennos, Pezydent means that Polish and Krakow has a mutual history and nationality so unification is not a big problem for them. So there is no "surrendering" of the Krakow.

Lord Joan Brennos: Ah. I think I got it know. I have to admit my cultural heritage sometimes makes it difficult to understand some concepts of democracy and nationalism.

Negotiations (17).jpg

Prezydent Sadow: Relations between the Confedeation and the Union used to be rather tense right after splitting apart from the USSSR, yet we did eventually put our diferencies aside ever since the Soviets and Nutzees planned to invade all the free worlds in our sector.

Lord Joan Brennos: I admire your seek for freedom and honorful fight against your enemies.

Negotiations (19).jpg

Prezydent Sadow: So, Prince Asoto, what brought you to ally yourselves with the M-Throne Empire?

Prince Asoto: Well.. We have some sort of rebellion in our system and we asked for help from the Empire. The Emperor agreed to help us, as a payback we help them build intergalactic gates in our space territory.

Prezydent Sadow: What kind of rebellion is plauging you recently?

Negotiations (16).jpg

Prince Asoto: My older brother and his followers wanted to overthrow my father. Even some of the most loyal generals and advisors betrayed my father. So my father needs the help of a superior force to solve the situation.

Prezydent Sadow: And what progress have you made in your fight against the rebels so far?

Prince Asoto: Nearly all camps of them are destroyed and the majority of rebels are captured. It's only matter of days before the capture of my traitorous brother. An M-Throne officer, named Commander Eegon is commanding the operations.

Negotiations (17).jpg

Prezydent Sadow: Well, it surely depends on the severity of the crime, they commited. Luckily we don't have to deal with any rebels in our own worlds so far. In fact, there are quite some rebel groups inside the USSSR that try to split apart from the Soviet opreassors. Although we supply these rebels with our own surplus weaponry, we also have to check out that these folks won't get too carried away, if you know what I mean.

Prince Asoto: So you say: "Enemy of my enemy is my friend."

Prezydent Sadow: Not quite. Unfortunately, Fascist rebels took over the Lietuvan SSSR to form their own dictatorship and now we have to go there and liberate this country from their grasp. It's far more time consuming than i'd like it to be, as it's giving the Soviets more time to prepare another potential invasion on our homeworlds.

Prince Asoto: Wow. that sounds bad. Maybe you need to ask the M-Throne Empire for help as we did. They kept all their promises so for aiding as both financially and militaristically.

Prezydent Sadow: We might if things get way out of hand, but right now our sectoral forces are doing a rather fine job at keeping them in check.

Ibeus enteres the main hall. Lord Weisswelt welcomes him.

Negotiations (20).jpg

Lord Weisswelt: Welcome to Ferstab, Ibeus. It's good to see you again.

Ibeus Pendragon: Hello, Weisswelt. It's good to be here.

Ibeus and Weisswelt shakes hand very friendly.

Negotiations (21).jpg

Lord Weisswelt: Your presence will courage our friends and spread fear among the enemies of the greater good. I want to introduce you some of our guest.

Ibeus Pendragon: Very well.

They walk together to a table far left corner.

Negotiations (22).jpg

Lord Weisswelt: Gentlemen. I want you to meet Ibeus Pendragon, The leader of Imperial Magikstrate.

Ibeus Pendragon: Greetings gentlemen.

Men around table salutes Ibeus politely with head gestures.

Lord Weisswelt: Admiral Gerhard Eisenadler, Admiral Marius Kriger from Intergalactic Marine Confederation and Lord Otto Wankel von Vankelheim, the minister of War.

Lord Weisswelt turns to Ibeus.

Lord Weisswelt: I will be back in few minutes.

Lord Weisswelt left the table.

Negotiations (23).jpg

Admiral Marius Kriger: It's an honor to meet you, Lord Pendragon but I have to leave now for an important mission, if you dont mind.

Ibeus Pendragon: Of course. Admiral.

Everybody sit down around the table and a servant comes to serve.

Negotiations (24).jpg

Servant: Would you like anything to drink my lord?

Ibeus Pendragon: I would like a cup of water. Thank You.

Servant: As you wish. My lord.

Negotiations (25).jpg

Lord Otto Wankel: Why water, Lord Pendragon? I would recommend scotch.

Ibeus Pendragon: I would rather stay clean for today. Maybe I will try other time.

Admiral Eisenadler: Lord Ibeus, I suggest the deployment of the defense fleet in on western front as soon as the gates are fully operation.

Ibeus Pendragon: That would be good Admiral. There are some intel about the Nutzee activity in the area. M-Throne presence would be good to spead fear among our enemies.

Servant fills a cup with water.

Negotiations (26).jpg

Lord Otto Wankel: As minister of war, I would remind you that the M-Throne forces enterance to the Magenta Sector would be inappropriate before any official alliance pact between the Empire and IM is signed.

Ibeus Pendragon: Don't worry Lord Wankel. There are an ongoing negotiations between us and Empire as well as Polish about a triple-alliance.

Admiral Eisenadler: Everything will be going by the book.

Negotiations (27).jpg

Lord Otto Wankel: As soon as an alliance pact is signed, we can arrange a meeting on the technology transfer and start deployment of ground forces.

Ibeus Pendragon: Ground forces are mostly needed on industrial colonies that are located on the edges of our space territory.

Admiral Eisenadler: I can assure you that the forces would be deployed to maximize the effect on the greater good.

Meanwhile in the Red Hall, Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg and Commander Altar are waiting for one more very important guest from Nehellium. An elite guard approaches to inform Lord Friendrich about a transmission.

Newyearreception arrival (28).jpg

Elite Guard: We receive a visual communication request from a cruiser in orbit, Trattorian ambassador is on the line.

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: Good. Bring the comm. droid.

Elite Guard: As you wish, my lord.

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: After our special guest arrives, my job here will be finished. I will go to arrange the meeting for the triple-alliance as ordered by Director Lutfstadt. You will stay here to welcome if anymore guests show up.

Commander Altar: As you wish, my lord.

Newyearreception arrival (29).jpg

Chief Ambassador Xianghao: Greetings gentlemen. I'm Xianghao, Chief Ambassador of Trattoria. I request to beam down to attend to the reception.

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: Greeting, Ambassador. I'm Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg. We are expecting you. You can beam down to the coordinates we send you.

Chief Ambassador Xianghao: Thank you. Lord Gutenburg. See you in a minute.

Lord Gutenburg turns to the guards.

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: Send the coordinates to the Trattorian cruiser.

Newyearreception arrival (30).jpg

Strains of beaming lights appear.

Newyearreception arrival (31).jpg

Chief Ambassador Xianghao completely re-materialized.

Newyearreception arrival (32).jpg

Lord Gutenburg and Commander Alter bow down politely.

Newyearreception arrival (33).jpg

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: On behalf of the Emperor, I welcome you to Ferstab, Ambassador.

Chief Ambassador Xianghao: Thank you. Lord Gutenburg. It's good to be invited.

Lord Gutenburg shows the way to the main hall.

Newyearreception arrival (34).jpg

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: Please, the reception is in the main hall. This way.

Chief Ambassador Xianghao: Thank you.

Lord Gutenburg enteres the main hall...

Negotiations (29).jpg

...and he approaches to the table where Prezydent Sadow was.

Negotiations (30).jpg

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: Hello again, Prezydent. Lord Weisswelt want you to join him for a special meeting.

Prezydent Sadow: Hello, Lord Gutenburg. Of course.

Prezydent said farewell to the table. On the way out Prezydent Sadow meet the Chief Ambassador Xianghao.

Negotiations (31).jpg

Chief Ambassador Xianghao: Hello, Prezydent Sadow. It's nice to see you again.

Prezydent Sadow: Hello, Ambassador Xianghao. It's nice to see you too. It's a little bit unexpected to see you here though. Trattorias latest political attempts against the Imperial Magikstrate are not quite welcome by our point of view.

Prezydent and ambassador shake hands. Both are smiling but the tension between them is easy to recognize.

Negotiations (32).jpg

Chief Ambassador Xianghao: Why are you surprised Prezydent. We want to welcome the Empire to our galaxy as friendly as you do.

Prezydent Sadow: I hope your friendly approach to the Empire would be permanent.

Chief Ambassador Xianghao: Our hopes are the same, Prezydent. Goodbye for now.

Prezydent Sadow: Goodbye, ambassador.

Negotiations (33).jpg

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: Ambassador. Let me introduce you some of our guest you might wanna meet.

Chief Ambassador Xianghao: Great.

Lord Gutenburg and Chief Ambassador Xianghao went together to a table.

Negotiations (34).jpg

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: Gentlemen, This is Chief Ambassador Xianghao from Trattoria.

Chief Ambassador Xianghao: Greeting gentlemen.

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: Prince Albert of Lionya, Grand Meister Holan from Gruen Sector and Victor Ronsian from Vrone. They are all coming from Tharcan Galaxy.

Men salutes the ambassador with gestures.

Chief Ambassador Xianghao: Nice to meet you all.

Negotiations (35).jpg

Prince Albert: I heard that your people in Trattoria are highly educated. I would like to here more about your education system.

The guests on the table start a casual chat...

Negotiations (36).jpg

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: Ambassador, If you excuse me, I got important job to do.

Chief Ambassador Xianghao: Of course, Lord Gutenburg. See you later.

Lord Gutenburg leaves the table and walks to the table where Ibeus is sitting

Negotiations (37).jpg

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: Lord Pendragon. I want to inform you that Lord Weisswelt waiting for you to join him for the meeting.

Ibeus Pendragon: Oh great. I'm coming.

He turns to the guest on the table.

Ibeus Pendragon: Gentlemen thank you for the nice conversation. Hope to see you soon.

Lord Otto Wankel: See you soon, Lord Pendragon goodbye.

Admiral Eisenadler: Goodbye.

Negotiations (38).jpg

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: Lord Pendragon, Prezydent Sadow will also join the meeting.

Ibeus Pendragon: That is very good. At last the Triple-alliance will be established officially.

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