Alliances in Nehellium Galaxy Episode 9: Test Run

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In the M-Throne Security Center on Kiironohoshi, the capitol planet of Yellow Sun Empire, Commander Eegon is working in his room. A soldier come into the room.


Commander Eegon: Yes?

Soldier: Captain Aris, commander of base three, is calling to report sir.

Commander Eegon: Good.

Commander put his notebook aside The live image of Commander Aris appears on transparent screen.


Captain Aris: Good day sir.

Commander Eegon: Good day captain. How are the preparations going?

Captain Aris: All preperations are going as planned sir. We can proceed with the test run as scheduled.


Commander Eegon: Good, Captain. You are doing a good job. Are the defensive systems' installments completed?

Captain Aris: Installation of T-LC26 turrets are completed yesterday. Portable shield generator is on the way from the headquarters.

Commander Eegon: Great. Be sure to share the technical data sheets of the new turrets with the engineering section. I would like to see the data sheets myself. Maybe we can do some improvements.

Captain Aris: As you wish. Commander. I'm sending the data sheets now.

Commander Eegon: I'm waiting for them. You can go back to finalize the preparations now. We will be in base three in two hours.

Captain Aris: We will be waiting for your arrival. Commander.

Commander Eegon: Good. See you later, Captain.

Commander Eegon, who has a engineer background himself opens and examines the datasheets of the new turrets.


After Commander Eegon examined the sheets for some time, he closed his computer and call the servant soldier.


Commander Eegon: Soldier. Send a message to Adjutant Yoshi to be ready. He will join us for the the test run.

Soldier: As you wish, sir. When will we leave?

Commander Eegon stands up and moved to the hanger to take his hat.


Commander Eegon: We will leave now. Get my speeder ready in front of the door after you send the message.

Soldier: Yes, sir.


Commander Eegon: (He talks to himself.) We have spent much effort. It's time to get some results.

Few time later. Commander Eegon and Adjutant Yoshi are on the way to base three where the first intergalactic warp gate on the planet is located.


Adjutant Yoshi: I want to thank you for bringing me to the test run of the gates, Commander.

Commander Eegon: Your efforts for the greater good including your help in building the bases are are appreciated by the Empire.

Adjutant Yoshi: Oh really. I was doing my job.

Commander Eegon: Be sure that you will receive your reward for your good deeds. By the way its already sprig time has arrived. I see flowers everywhere on the plains.

Adjutant Yoshi: Yes they are beautiful. It strange that I don't see any yellow flowers lately.

Commander Eegon: Yellow is also a nice color but I personally prefer red and white flowers.

Few minutes later...


Adjutant Yoshi: So. These gates are very important for you. Right Commander?

Commander Eegon: Yes. You are right. These gates will connect the Tharcan galaxy to Nehellium. Both civilian and military will get from one galaxy to another instantiously.

Adjutant Yoshi: I see the importance for the greater good but I was asking the importance for you personally.

Commander Eegon: Yes ocourse it is very important for me personally as well. The completion of the gates is main duty on this system. Once my duty is complete, I will be very pleased for being succesful in serving the greater good.

Adjutant Yoshi: Don't you M-Throne officers do not think anything more than the greater good? Don't you have a familiy back in the Tharcan galaxy or a hobby of some kind?

Commander Eegon: I dedicate my life to the greater good and my family is the imperial army. My job is also my hobby.

Adjutant Yoshi: I admire your sense of duty, Commander.


Driver: Sir. We are closing to base three.


Adjutant Yoshi: It looks like this base is quite heavily protected.

Commander Eegon: Yes. The importance of the base make extra precautions necessary.

The gate of the base lowers down.





Captain Aris was waiting for the arrival of the Commander Eegon and Adjutant Yoshi.


Captain Aris: Welcome to the base three, Commander. Adjutant Yoshi.

Captain makes a military salute and commander makes one in return.


Commander Eegon: Are everythig ready for the test run, Captain?

Captain Aris: Yes commander. We can start right away. This way please.

Captain Aris shows the way to the control section of the warp gate.


Low ranking officer in the control section bows politely and shows the seats to the high ranking officers.



Commander Eegon: We can start the standard test run procedures, captain.

Captain Aris: Soldiers, start the calculations.

Operator soldier: Yes. sir. Calculating the warp route coordinates.

Captain Aris: Once the calculation complete. Activate the Intergalactic telecommunication array.


Adjutant Yoshi: What is this calculation about.

Captain Aris: A supercomputer is calculating a route for stable warp connection between gates to open a warp portal.


Operator soldier: Calculations complete. Activating the telecommunication array.

Captain Aris: Good. Open a comm. channel to the Edelheim. Contact General Kaufman wheh the channel is opened.

Operator soldier: Channel is opening. In 3... 2... 1... Channel is opened.

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