Alliances in Nehellium Galaxy Episode 1: Treaty with the Empire of the Yellow Sun (Part I)

After long negotiations the Emperor of the M-Throne Empire agreed to sign an alliance treaty with the Empire of the Yellow Sun.  Yomatomaro, The Emperor of the Yellow Sun, need help from the M-Throne Empire for protection and also need extra resources for its plans. The Emperor of the M-Throne Empire wants to build intergalactic warp gates in a secure location and need cheap labor for their building. Many civilizations already applied to the M-Throne Empire for an alliance because of the empires military and economic power but Emperor decided to sign an alliance treaty with the Yellow Sun.

Princess Celia: Fredrich, I wonder why my grandfather chose Yellow Sun as an Ally between all those other states?
Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: The Emperor knows always the best my princess. If you ask my opinion I think the reason why the Emperor has chosen the Yellow Sun is because the it is probably one of the most suitable states to adapt the greater good. Additionally their location in the galaxy is suitable for our plans.
Princess Celia: You meant military plans. Right?
Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: No not only military plans of course. We also want to improve cultural relations between galaxies. That why you are here.

Commander Eegon: We are closing to the ceremonial site.

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: It looks like Yomatomaro wants to impress us with a fancy militaristic welcome ceremony.
Commander Eegon:  Maybe we should tell him that IN ONLY our capitol lives more soldiers than his whole population.

Emperor Yomatomaro: Welcome the the capitol. I'm Yomatomaro the Emperor of Kiironohoshi. I'm honored to see you here.

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: We honored to be here. My name is Fredrich von Gutenberg. I'm
here to represent the Emperor of the M-Throne Empire the supreme ruler of Galaxies and father of minifig-kind.

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: My colleagues are here to accompany me in our final negotiations. Let me introduce Princess Celia, the granddaughter of the Emperor and Commander Eegon.
Princess Celia: Greetings Emperor.
Commander Eegon: Greetings your highness.
Emperor Yomatomaro: It's good to see you in our capitol on such a good day. I would like to have the Emperor himself as a guest for such an important moment.

Emperor Yomatomaro: Let me introduce you to my son. Asato.
Prince Asato: Greetings my Lady and gentlemen.

Emperor Yomatomaro: You came from a long distance. Do you want to rest before final negotiations?
Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: Thank you for your offer but I need to inform the capitol as soon as possible about our treaty. Princess is here to discuss about cultural relations.
Emperor Yomatomaro: Okey then. Yoshi: Is preparetions ready?
Adjutant Yoshi: Yes my Emperor.

Lord Fredrich von Gutenburg: We can go to the meeting room to finalize our negotiations. Meanwhile Asoto and Princess can discuss about the cultural relations.

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